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Scrap Yard

Made with: Adobe InDesign

Scrap Yard: Innovators of Recycling is an educational board game made for the Jewish Museum of Maryland's 2019-2020 exhibit of the same name. Within the education department, I designed the game's assets, including a board, 18 cards, money, and a set of rules.



Process & Iterations


Gameplay & Rules

In the finished game, students are a part of a historical scrap yard-owning family. The students first learn in the exhibit about their respective families, and then split up into groups against other families to play.

Gameplay includes rounds to buy and sell different scrap items. Students utilize math skills to calculate how much their scrap is worth throughout and at the end of the game to find out who made the most profit. They also learn about the supply and demand model during the selling phase, since the price they get when selling in the "marketplace" is affected by what other players are selling each round.

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